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CSC Trike Engineering


Hands down, the most innovative suspension engineering design on the market. Based on Indy car technology, CSC's suspension features a vertically stabilised opposing rocker mono shock independent suspension.

It also includes:

  • Purpose designed QA1 shock for the Opposing Rocker Arm System
  • QA1 300Lb. linear wound racing spring designed to accommodate a loaded weight of up to 650lbs.
  • O.E.M. electro hydraulic preload adjuster is retained for preload adjustment by the rider to compensate for varying loads


A custom cast and machined aluminum differential houses our purpose built proprietary ring and pinion.
Our driveshaft was designed exclusively for CSC by our engineers and is machined from solid pre-hardened 4340 alloy steel. It is then nitrided for wear prevention and a final Electroless nickel plating is applied for superior corrosion resistance.

Bolt-on Installation

All CSC Trike conversions are completely bolt-on kits. No welding required.

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