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Hannigan Honda Roadster $24,550.00 Base Price Ride Away (Not Including Donor Motorcycle)

Base Price: $23,550.00 Base Price Ride Away (Not Including Donor Motorcycle)


  • Overall Length 287cm
  • Track Width 140cm
  • Width 160cm
  • Trunk Capacity w/ Optional Trunk Upgrade 115 litres
  • Front Wheels (standard) Polished Aluminum 16X7, 4X100 Bolt Pattern
  • Front Tires (standard) All Season Radials 195/55/16
  • Lighting PIAA (55w Halogen)


  • ------------------------------------------------Options------------------------------------------------
  • Foot Fairings (weight-bearing & sub-framed) $1,250.00
  • Bumper Chrome Tubular (Front) $550.00
  • Bumper Powdercoated Tubular (Front) $550.00
  • Front Trunk Upgrade $970.00
  • Rear Tire Upgrade (replaces OEM motorcycle tire with passenger car tire) $350.00
  • -------------------------------------------------Wheels-------------------------------------------------
  • Wheel Chrome Finish Front Upgrade (same style as standard 16") $490.00
  • Wheel "Black Out" Front Upgrade (same style as standard 16") $490.00
  • --------------------------------------------------Paint--------------------------------------------------
  • One Color (Included)
  • 2 Colors $420.00
  • Illusion Colors (Red or Blue) $560.00
  • 2015 Special Edition $700.00
  • Foot Fairings - One Color $560.00
  • Foot Fairings - Illusion Colors (Red or Blue) $835.00

Honda GL1800 Quadracycle $43,500 Base Price Ride Away

Pricing $43,500 BASE PRICE RIDE AWAY

  • Foot Fairings (weight-bearing & sub-framed)
  • $845
  • $225
  • $195
  • $795
  • Light (Red LEDs) Accessory Kit-set unpainted RED or CLEAR Lens
  • Bumper Full-Width of Rear/Chromed-Tubular
  • *Required for Existing HMS Trike being Converted to Quadracycle
  • Differential Upgrade *includes required Core Exchange of existing Trike Differential
  • 16" Wheel Upgrade (set of 2) *Only where existing Trike has 15" Wheels
  • 16" Tire Upgrade (set of 2) *Only where existing Trike has 15" Tires
  • Wheel Options
  • $350
  • Wheel Chrome Finish Front Upgrade (same style as standard 16")
  • Paint Options
  • Body - Front Kit - One Color
  • Body - Front Kit - two Color
  • Illusion/Special Edition Colors:
  • Body - Rear Kit - One Color
  • Body - Rear Kit - Two Color
  • Illusion/Special Edition Colors:
  • Foot Fairings - One Color
  • Illusion/Special Edition Colors:
  • Spoilers - One Color
  • Spoilers - Two Color
  • Spoilers - Illusion & Special Edition Colors
  • *Prices and Specifications are Subject To Change Without Notice*
  • For Installation, contact the dealer of your choice or call Hannigan Motorsports
  • Available for Honda GL1800 Applications Only


    Rear Tires-All Season Radials
    Rear Wheels-High Polished Aluminum(standard) 16x7, 4x100 bolt pat, 39mm offset
    Quad Conversion Adds Approximately 520 lbs to stock Gold Wing

    *Front Kit And Rear Kit Available Separately
    *When installed at HMS-Dealer fees may vary
    *Prices and Specifications are Subject To Change Without Notice*

Champion Goldwing 1800 $24,175.00 Base Price Ride Away

Knowing the power and performance of the Honda GL1800 motorcycle, the engineers at Champion knew it would be no easy task to produce a motorcycle trike kit that would complement this powerful motorcycle. The trike’s styling would have to match that timeless design of the best Honda could offer. The suspension would have to be designed to endure high speed and be agile enough to avoid unexpected driving hazards, yet ride comfortably in undesirable road conditions. And our engineers knew our trike would have to be just as reliable and dependable as Honda’s superb machine. That’s exactly what we accomplished with the Champion GL1800 trike kit. Ride a new Champion GL1800 trike kit and find out how the Champion engineers worked with Honda’s design to produce the most exhilarating trike kit available to date!




Breeze Trike Conversion for Suzuki Burgman 650 Scooter From $16,200 Ride Away

Standard Features

  • Designed to Fit Suzuki Burgman 650, 2003 - Current
  • Live Rear Axle Swing Arm Suspension
  • 14" Alloy Wheels with Radial Tires
  • Chain Drive
  • Powder-Coated Components
  • Upgraded Coil Springs & Bump Stop
  • 3 Year/100,000 KM Warranty


Overall Width 128 cm
Wheelbase Length 185 cm
Overall Length 366 kg
Weight 809 lbs
Suspension Style Live Rear Axle Swing Arm
Fender Material Polyester Resin Fiberglass
Drive System Chain


Hornet RT IFS Conversion for Honda CTX700 Motorcycle $21,185.00 Ride Away

For those who haven't yet hit the road on a Motor Trike, now's your chance. Introducing the Motor Trike Hornet RT: an IFS (Independent Front Suspension) trike conversion for Honda CTX700 motorcycles. Take the original bike's automatic ease, affordability, and speed; combine that with Motor Trike's sharp styling, patent-pending 1:1 steering system, dependable independent suspension, and zero-hesitation—unlike other offerings on the market—and you have the ultimate machine with just the right amount of sting for the road.


Standard Features

  • Fits Honda CTX700 Models (2013—Current)
  • Automatic Transmission
  • IFS (Independent Front Suspension) with Over 4” of Suspension Travel
  • Patent-Pending 1:1 Steering System
  • Silver 17” Aluminum Wheels
  • Disc Brakes
  • Over 8.5 ft3 Trunk with 12-Volt Power Source
  • Trunk Door with External Hinges & Mounted Light
  • 3-Year/60,000-Mile Warranty

Available Options


Tomahawk IRS Conversion for Indian® Chief, Chieftain, & Roadmaster $25,105 Base Price Ride Away (Does not include donor bike or options)

Motor Trike offers an Independent Rear Suspension on many of their conversions. This makes for a great ride by allowing each wheel on the same axle to move independently of each other. This alone creates a smooth ride. However, Motor Trike did not stop there. First, they designed and patented an air ride suspension that offers over four inches of wheel travel. Then, they lowered the spring rate to create a more comfortable ride with plenty of 'give' when traveling over bumpy terrain, with an extra passenger, heavy cargo, or pulling a trailer. Because of the fingertip adjustable air ride suspension and softened spring rate, optimum ride quality is reached. Motor Trike also uses rubber bushings on all suspension components as well as on the differentials to reduce the noise, vibration, and harshness that can be bothersome to riders. Also the roll center height has been lowered ensuring both tires are kept in contact with the road at all times which helps to prevent rolling. And finally, Motor Trike uses a calibrated sway bar to ensure comfortable and secure cornering. With all of these preventative measures in place, the inconsistencies in the road are completely absorbed creating an effortless ride.

Independent Rear Suspension

Motor Trike Belt Drive Suspension

Standard TOMAHAWK Features

  • Vintage Styled Integrated Fiberglass Body
  • Independent Rear Suspension
  • On-Board Air Compressor
  • LED Air Suspension & Voltmeter Readout
  • Patented Air Ride Suspension
  • Over 4” of Suspension Travel
  • Progressive Coil Over Shocks
  • Integrated Disc Brake System
  • Trunk Light on Interior of Door
  • Trike Trunk Utilizes Ignition Key
  • Integrated Electronic Trunk Lock on Key Fob & Gas Tank
  • Hidden Trunk Door Hinges
  • 12 Volt Power Outlet in Trunk
  • Billet Aluminum Torque Thrust Wheels
  • Belt Driven
  • ABS Integration Kit
  • Vintage Styling with Rear Wheel Fender Skirts
  • Motor Trike 3-year/60,000 Mile Factory Warranty

Available TOMAHAWK Options

  • 5.5° Rake Kit (Roadmaster & Chieftain Models) 
  • Electric Reverse
  • Parking Brake
  • Trailer Hitch
  • Trailer Wiring Harness
  • Front Wheel Upgrades
  • Rear Wheel Upgrades
  • 17” Tires
  • Front Wheel Balancer
  • Fender Bras with Optional Embroidery
  • Embroidered Trunk Mat
  • Trike Cover
  • Color-Match Paint
  • Chrome Fender Trim
  • Trax Running Boards (coming soon)
  • Chrome Nerf Bumper (coming soon)

TOMAHAWK Specifications

Overall Width 140cm
Wheelbase Length 167cm
Overall Length 279cm
Weight 564 kg
Storage 142 litres
Suspension Style Unequal Length Upper and Lower Control Arms
Body Material Polyester Resin Fiberglass
Drive System Belt Drive


All Motor Trike conversions include a patented air ride suspension, rear tires and wheels, interior trunk light, and a 3-year/60,000 mile warranty.

*Pricing subject to change without notice and does not include installation or shipping. Several different options are available for an upgraded price.


GL1800 Prowler RT With IFS $23,185.00 Base Price Ride Away

For the good guys and troublemakers alike comes Motor Trike’s first departure from everything you thought you knew about trikes… Introducing the Prowler RT: an IFS (Independent Front Suspension) conversion for the GL 1800 Gold Wing motorcycle. Safety? Check. Reliability? Got it. Conventionality? Think again. The patent-pending Prowler RT maintains Motor Trike’s tradition of dependability in an entirely new form that unleashes your bike’s true personality on the road without the hesitation of other offerings on the market. With IFS ingenuity and premier body styling that will make you believe that this is how your bike was always meant to be, the Prowler RT is your new trouble-chasin’ partner-in-crime.

All Motor Trike conversions include a patented air ride suspension, rear/front tires and wheels, interior trunk light, and a 3-year/60,000 mile warranty.

*Pricing subject to change without notice and does not include installation or shipping. Several different options are available for an upgraded price.

Standard Features

  • Fits All GL 1800 Year Models:
    2001-2010, 2012 & Up
  • IFS (Independent Front Suspension) with Over 4” of Suspension Travel
  • Patent-Pending 1:1 Steering System
  • Silver 17” Aluminium Wheels
  • Disc Brakes (Maintaining the Combined
    Braking System)
  • Over 8.5 ft3 Trunk with 12-Volt Power Source
  • Trunk Door with External Hinges & Mounted Light
  • 3-Year/96,000-Kilometre Warranty

Available Options

  • Aluminum Wheels in Black or Chrome
  • Fog Light Kit with Wiring Harness
  • Parking Brake Kit
  • ABS Integration Kit (coming soon)
  • Trunk Carpet
  • Embroidered Trunk Mat
  • Color-Match Paint
  • Custom Multi-tone Paint
  • Custom Front Grill (coming soon)
  • Specifications

    Overall Width 164cm
    Wheelbase Length 170cm
    Overall Length 2.83m
    Weight 514kg
    Total Storage 241 litres
    Trunk Door Opening 37cm x 27cm
    Suspension Style Unequal Length Upper and Lower Control Arms
    Body Material Polyester Resin Fiberglass


Champion Honda VTX $24,900.00 Base Price* Ride Away

You love your VTX, right? Well, here's your chance to get many more years and hundreds of more comfortable, confident riding-miles out of it ... Champion has responded to your needs and is very proud to announce its latest addition to a fast-growing fleet of increasingly popular trike conversion kits!
With innovations such as our patented CRT Independent Suspension, which offers the very best handling, Champion continues to be the leader in the motorcycle trike industry.


Standard Features:

  • Custom-engineered "Zero-Flex" swing arm with Progressive shocks - Improved handling, more confident ride
  • Proprietary lightweight, left-hand drive differential - Other manufacturers mounting similar cruiser-style conversion kits merely turn their standard differential upside down
  • High-performance disc brake system - Safer, more confident ride
  • Powder-coated structural components - More durable, longer-lasting coating system
  • Reinforced fiberglass body construction - Rugged, durable product that will last longer
  • Extra large trunk + over-wheel storage - Holds 3 full-face helmets and more
  • Detailed installation instructions and parts listing - Improved maintainability


* Base Price Includes Single Tone Colour Match, E-Z Steer Front End Rake Kit, Hand Brake, Trunk Carpet, Black Wall Tyres with Alloy Wheels, Standard Sway Bar, Freight, GST & Engineers Compliance.







Hannigan Honda GL1800 Conversion $25,790 Base Price Ride Away

Base Price Includes Single Tone Colour Match, Power-Trak Front End Rake Kit, Parking Brake Kit, Trunk Carpet, Freight, Installation, GST & Engineers Certificate.

  • Hannigan Trikes will give you the ride of your life. The features that put Hannigan ahead of the rest of the pack are many, but of primary importance is the independent suspension with sway bar. Our independent suspension has almost no lateral forces on the motorcycle seat creating a much healthier, more comfortable ride, even for your passenger. Our 60-inch wide track and CRX sports car stabilizer has made the Hannigan Trike one of the safest and most stable trikes available. It will out-corner other trikes, allowing you to run with your two wheel companions on twisty roads. Hannigan Trikes have the best combination of sporty handling and a plush ride.
  • Progressive Suspension® I.A.S. Gas Shocks in all Hannigan Trikes are very user friendly. Inertia sensitive damping enables the wheel to react quickly to rough surfaces while still maintaining full damping control for taut precise handling.
  • The In-line Drive Shaft of the original motorcycle is used in its original position to ensure smooth running and unbeatable reliability.
  • All Hannigan Trikes use a 7.5 inch Ford Thunderbird differential with 2.73 gears matched to right-size tires to maintain the original bike ratio, except for the Hannigan Harley-Davidson® FLH series Trike conversion, which uses the original H-D belt drive and sprocket. Mufflers of the original motorcycles are used on all Hannigan Trikes.
  • All Hannigan Trikes come with standard disc brakes. On Hannigan’s BMW®, Harley® and Honda® Trike conversions, the original ABS System has been retained.
  • An auxiliary fuel tank is available for the Gold Wing (4 gallons), BMW® (4 1/2 gallons), Harley (4 gallons) and Yamaha Venture® (4 gallons) Trike conversions with a separate filler neck for convenience. The fuel is transferred from the TIG-welded heavy gauge aluminum tank to the main tank by the rider-activated fuel pump. The tank is located inside the trike frame to extend fuel range with maximum safety.
  • Specs

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