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Full Trike Conversions and Stability Products

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Hannigan Trike Conversions (13)

{gallery}hannigans{/gallery}It is Hannigan's goal to provide a well engineered product that enables you to have "The Ride of your Life!" Hannigan have been manufacturing motorcycle products for over 30 years and are pleased to offer a more diverse line of product than ever before as they continue to serve the motorcycle enthusiast community.

Since 2002 demand for Hannigan product has dramatically increased and we have been growing at a steady rate. In the spring of 2005 they expanded their facility for the third time since moving from Toronto, Canada in 1992 to include a new showroom, more office space, a separate fiberglass building, and a new paint and trike installation area. They also have a select network of qualified dealers in an effort to serve you more conveniently in your area.

They have been avid riders for over 30 years experiencing the many facets of motorcycling on both two and three wheels. They love touring and sport riding on the beautiful curvy roads in western Kentucky and Tennessee. Also a large percentage of their employees are motorcycle enthusiasts.
For The Ride of Your Life!


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Motor Trike (45)

  • logo motortrikeMotor Trike, Inc. manufactures conversions that transform two-wheeled motorcycles into three-wheeled trikes. Motor Trike is one of the nation's leading trike conversion manufacturers. In the powersports industry a trike is a motorcycle that promises the thrill of the wind in your face, while also offering the stability and comfort of riding on three wheels.
  • Motor Trike, Inc. began in 1994 with two employees in a quaint 1,800 square foot facility in downtown Troup, Texas. We moved to our present location in May, 1995. Our current location was once an old meat packing plant, made up of a 12,000 square foot facility on three acres of land. Over the 15 years in this location we have undergone 9 expansions and now function in 108,000 square feet of operating space on 75 acres. Our manufacturing plant has two sub-assembly lines, three robotic welders and fifteen downdraft paint and prep booths.
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Threedom Wheels Trike Conversions

Thank you for your interest in Threedom Wheels Service.

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Champion Sidecars (4)

Trikes And Sidecars

Welcome to Threedom Wheels Australia

There are many advantages to a trike or sidecar over a motorcycle owing to the three wheel design which gives them a much more balanced structure and convenient handling techniques. Stability is the best trait of a trike or sidecar and makes it suitable to be ridden on rough and wet surfaces and at slow speeds.


Since a motorcycle trike or sidecar has three wheels, balancing is not difficult. This is another advantage of three wheels over a motorcycle. Motorcycles are heavy and need to be balanced by using one's feet and body during the ride or while stopping, however this is not required with three wheels. While riding a trike or sidecar, your body does not need to support the movement of the unit. There is no fear of tipping over.

Control and Pleasure

Another advantage of a trike or sidecar over a motor cycle is while you are cruising at high speeds, the vehicle shows much more control and becomes a pleasure to ride. Also, on wet roads and slippery surfaces, the chances of losing is greatly diminished. Also, a trike or sidecar can be ridden by the elderly or by people who may have a physical disabilities.

Passenger Safety

Trikes and sidecars also have a clear advantage over a motorcycle while riding over dirt roads or uneven surfaces since they will much more stable. Carrying a passenger on a trike or in a sidecar is much easier than taking one on a motorcycle. This factor can be highly beneficial if your passenger is an elderly person, or someone with a physical disability.


When you ride a trike or sidecar, you are sure to steal glances from people around you since trikes and sidecars are rare and look stylish and trendy.

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Champion Honda VTX $24,900.00 Base Price* Ride Away

You love your VTX, right? Well, here's your chance to get many more years and hundreds of more comfortable, confident riding-miles out of it ... Champion has responded to your needs and is very proud to announce its latest addition to a fast-growing fleet of increasingly popular trike conversion kits!
With innovations such as our patented CRT Independent Suspension, which offers the very best handling, Champion continues to be the leader in the motorcycle trike industry.


Standard Features:

  • Custom-engineered "Zero-Flex" swing arm with Progressive shocks - Improved handling, more confident ride
  • Proprietary lightweight, left-hand drive differential - Other manufacturers mounting similar cruiser-style conversion kits merely turn their standard differential upside down
  • High-performance disc brake system - Safer, more confident ride
  • Powder-coated structural components - More durable, longer-lasting coating system
  • Reinforced fiberglass body construction - Rugged, durable product that will last longer
  • Extra large trunk + over-wheel storage - Holds 3 full-face helmets and more
  • Detailed installation instructions and parts listing - Improved maintainability


* Base Price Includes Single Tone Colour Match, E-Z Steer Front End Rake Kit, Hand Brake, Trunk Carpet, Black Wall Tyres with Alloy Wheels, Standard Sway Bar, Freight, GST & Engineers Compliance.







Champion Yamaha Road Star 1600 Trike Conversion

 $25,110 Base Price Ride Away**

**Conversion Price Includes Single Tone Colour Match, Power-Trak Front End Rake Kit, Parking Brake Kit, Trunk Carpet, Freight, Installation, GST & Engineers Certificate.


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