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Honda GL 1800 Fastback Solid Axle Trike Conversion

Honda GL 1800 Motorcycle Fastback & Fastback2 Solid Axle Trike Conversion

$18,895 Base Price Ride Away

The GL1800 is the finest platform for a trike we have had in our history. It is smoother, more powerful and easier to steer than the GL1500. The power that it comes with enables us to give you a 2.73 gear ratio, which will provide good acceleration with outstanding economy.


GL 1800 Razor Trike Conversion

The "Razor", as named by Motor Trike, was designed to fit the Honda Goldwing GL1800.
"The Razor touts a compelling new body design that makes you rethink GL 1800 trikes. The Razor is offered as an alternative style for our GL 1800 conversion line, giving customers another option to our best - selling Adventure conversion"

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